Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome to Artifacts III!

The Barony Beyond the Mountain invites the populace of the East to join us in September 2017 for Artifacts of a Life III — an arts and sciences competition with a focus on persona development.
Have you ever looked at your modern family heirlooms and wondered what your SCA persona would leave in your will, or the objects you would have valued during your life? Have you ever wanted to create your own set of grave goods? Of course you have!
Artifacts I and II showcased inspiring displays of work from the populace of the East Kingdom. We’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of your research and hard work at Artifacts III.
How It Works
Entrants may choose to enter the Typical, Elite or Team category. In the Typical category, entries must consist of 3-5 items from a single culture and time. The Elite category requires entries consisting of 6-9 entries from a single time and place. If you’d like to participate as part of a team, the Village category allows you to work with a group of folks to create 6-9 items. Again, they must all be from a single time and place.
Additional Information and Questions
The actual date and event site are TBD.
Information about the competition rules, judging criteria, and entry registration from Artifacts II may be found here, if changes are made for Artifacts III we will highlight them.

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